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PA toll roads,

With AET, it's never been easier to travel the PA Turnpike. Two options. No cash. All hassle-free.

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About All-Electronic Tolling

As part of an ongoing effort to modernize, The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) has implemented All-Electronic Tolling across the entire system.

No cash. Hassle free.

Current tolling equipment and toll booths remain for now, however cash is not accepted at any tolling points.

No need to stop.

With AET, all vehicles should move through the tolling lanes at posted speeds without stopping.

No switching lanes.

While signage is still being updated, customers can exit and enter through any lane at all interchanges.

Pay with E-ZPass.

Paying tolls with E-ZPass will save nearly 60% on the PA Turnpike.

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Pay with Toll By Plate.

For those without E-ZPass, a toll bill will be mailed to the registered vehicle owner.

Pay with Toll By Plate

Pay with PA Toll Pay app.

The “PA Toll Pay” app allows E-ZPass customers to manage their account while Toll By Plate users can sign up for autopay to receive a discount and more.

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Roadmap for the Future

Converting to All-Electronic Tolling is the just the start of what the PA Turnpike has in store. Employing cutting-edge technology to shape the nation’s first Superhighway will enhance your driving experience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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  • How does AET (All Electronic Tolling) work?

    All-Electronic Tolling allows all customers to pay without stopping at toll plazas. Motorists no longer pay with cash on the roadway. All tolls are collected electronically while motorists travel at the posted speed. Motorists pay using E-ZPass or PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s (PTC) license plate tolling system.

  • How do I pay if I don’t have E-ZPass?

    Customers without E-ZPass who pass through an All-Electronic Tolling point will be sent a PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE invoice. We’ll take a picture of the license plate and mail an invoice to the vehicle’s registered owner. Convenient payment options are available online, by phone and through the mail.

  • Why is the PTC implementing All-Electronic Tolling?

    Agencies that have converted to All-Electronic Tolling find it safer, quicker, more convenient for customers and better for the environment. All-Electronic Tolling is safer because customers no longer have to change lanes depending on their payment method which reduces the chance of accidents. Because customers no longer have to stop at toll plazas, travel times are shortened and vehicle emissions are reduced. In addition, the growth in E-ZPass usage makes it clear that customers support All-Electronic Toll collection. E-ZPass now accounts for nearly 80 percent of all PA Turnpike toll transactions system-wide and is greater than 85 percent at some locations.

  • Will speeding tickets be issued through this system?

    No. By state law, toll collection systems cannot be used for speeding citations.

  • How do I know that my personal information is secure when using E-ZPass or PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE?

    Motorists who opt to use PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE will have the same privacy protections currently enjoyed by our E-ZPass customers. The security of personal and credit card information is of primary importance. The PTC maintains Payment Card Industry compliance through a building security system, routine intrusion detection, and penetration testing to secure personal and credit information.

  • My vehicle is registered in another state; will I be able to use the new All-Electronic Tolling system?

    Yes. Out of state customers will be tolled either through E-ZPass or PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE, which is our license plate tolling system that sends the registered owner of vehicles without E-ZPass an invoice by mail. This is only available at locations where All-Electronic Tolling pilot testing is under way. See the No Cash Zone website for active locations.

  • What if my vehicle is stolen?

    If the vehicle is stolen and has been reported as stolen to the police, you will have a basis for an affidavit to show that you are not responsible for the tolls assessed for using the PA Turnpike System. In order to appeal any tolls incurred, fill out Section A of the Appeal Form found on the PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE invoice.

  • Will the Turnpike still be as safe as it is today?

    Yes. The safety and security of our customers and employees will always remain our top priority. The Pennsylvania State Police and the Turnpike’s State Farm Safety Patrol will continue to cover our system and provide service to those in need. In addition, our maintenance crews will continue to ensure safe travel.

    Other agencies have found that All-Electronic Tolling reduces the number of accidents at toll plazas because motorists no longer have to stop or move from one lane to another in order to pay their toll.

View Toll By Plate FAQs

  • Do I have to slow down or stop so the camera can take a photograph of my license plate?

    Continue driving at the posted speed limit through the All-Electronic Tolling point. The cameras will capture images of the vehicle's license plate. For your safety, keep moving through the All-Electronic Tolling point as directed by the road signs.

  • I have E-ZPass already. Will I also get a PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE invoice if I travel through a All-Electronic Tolling point?

    No. PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE is only for customers without a valid E-ZPass account. E-ZPass customers will continue to pay for tolls as they do today as long as the account is in good standing and the transponder is properly mounted. For more information, please see the E-ZPass page on our website.

  • What happens if I’m in a rental vehicle? How will I be invoiced?

    Customers with rental vehicles should check with the rental company regarding their toll policy and payment options before traveling on the PA Turnpike. Each rental company has a different policy for the payment of tolls.

    E-ZPass customers may use their own transponder. You may log into your account and add a rental car license plate to your account and set a start and end date for that plate. Once the entry expires the rental car license plate will be removed from your account.

    See the Rental Vehicles page on our website for more details.

  • What happens if a license plate is illegible or covered up?

    While this can happen, most images are accurately captured and recognized by modern equipment and software used in the tolling industry worldwide. The PA Turnpike uses several methods to identify license plates to ensure the invoice is sent to the registered vehicle owner. While the vast majority of our customers pay their toll, it is a criminal offense to intentionally cover up or falsify license plates. If a driver intentionally evades tolls on the PA Turnpike the offender could be charged with a third degree misdemeanor. If convicted, the driver could be punished with fines and/or jail time. For more details see the law governing this activity, Title 75 online.

  • What if I receive a PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE invoice in the mail, but I never drove on the PA Turnpike?

    Invoices are sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. The invoice includes a photograph of the vehicle that drove through the tolling point. If you still believe it is an error, please contact the PTC Customer Service Center at 1-877-PENNPASS (736-6727).

  • How long do I have to pay my TOLL BY PLATE invoice?

    PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE invoices are distributed monthly and will contain all tolls incurred during that period. The invoice must be paid within 20 days from the invoice date which is clearly stated on the invoice along with instructions on payment options.

  • What payment methods are available?

    Convenient options are available including payment online, by phone and through the mail. Payments can be made via check, money order or by credit card (i.e.: Master Card, VISA, American Express and Discover). Cash payments are only accepted at the PTC Customer Service Center located in Harrisburg, PA.

  • I own multiple vehicles. Will they all show up on a single invoice?

    No, each license plate will be billed on a separate invoice although multiple trips for the same vehicle may be billed on one invoice. If the DMV records reflect the same name and address for the registered owner of multiple license plates, the tolls may be billed on the same account number but each plate will be invoiced separately.

  • Where can I find the toll rate information?

    You can find the toll rates on the PA Turnpike Website on the Toll Calculator page. The toll schedule is also available on that page under Printable Toll Schedules.

    Customers have the option to open an E-ZPass account and take advantage of the lower toll rate when they receive their TOLL BY PLATE invoice in the mail. E-ZPass will always be the most affordable and convenient way to pay tolls on the PA Turnpike.

    E-ZPass is also the only form of payment accepted at all PA Turnpike locations.

  • How can I preregister or open a Toll by Plate account?

    Click here for information on opening Toll By Plate Account.

  • I am driving someone else’s vehicle or the registration of the vehicle I am driving is not up to date (old address). How can I ensure that I receive the invoice for my TOLL BY PLATE travel?

    You can create a Pre-Registered TOLL BY PLATE account with the PA Turnpike to ensure that you are invoiced for the vehicle’s TOLL BY PLATE travel. By providing us with your name, contact information and license plate, you are accepting responsibility for this vehicle. The TOLL BY PLATE invoice will be issued directly to you at the address that you provide. To open a Pre-Registered TOLL BY PLATE account, please call the E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 1.877.PENNPASS (736.6727) or go to

  • Can I travel through a TOLL BY PLATE location with a rental vehicle?

    You can travel using the TOLL BY PLATE system in PA with a rental vehicle. However, the rental company may be billed for your charge. If you would like to be invoiced directly for the rental vehicle’s TOLL BY PLATE travel, you can open a Pre-Registered TOLL BY PLATE account. Rental vehicle information can be added to the Pre-Registered PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE account within 48 hours of traveling on the PA Turnpike. Call the E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 1.877.PENNPASS (736.6727) or log in to your account online to provide your rental vehicle information with the start and end dates that you plan to use it. If you would like to open a Pre-Registered TOLL BY PLATE account, go to

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