New Automated Vehicle Classification System

Modernizing Operations

Tolls on the PA Turnpike are set based on the type of vehicle you drive and distance traveled. Currently, most of the Turnpike system classifies vehicles by weight as they enter or exit our system. As part of our effort to continue modernizing operations, the PA Turnpike Commission (PTC) is testing a new vehicle classification system for future implementation. In spring 2018, the PTC will begin testing an “axle/height” system. It will be tested on the Findlay Connector (Toll 576) in western PA and at the Clarks Summit and Keyser Avenue tolling points at the end of the Northeastern Extension (I-476).

The PTC is the only road in the United States that establishes tolls based on vehicle weight. After an analysis of national best practices, the PTC selected an axle/height classification system because it is the most accurate, predictable and efficient system for customers. It is also less expensive to maintain and is consistent with systems in neighboring states.

New Automated Vehicle Classification (AVC) Classes

Automated Vehicle Classification Classes

Toll rates will change for every customer at these test locations. Currently, the PA Turnpike Commission (PTC) has nine weight based classifications at Clarks and Keyser. Under the new system, there will be 11 classifications based on axles and height. Commercial carriers will see the most significant changes including greater predictability. Each classification comes with varying toll rates depending on whether the vehicle has E-ZPass or will use PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE. In anticipation of this project, the PTC did not implement the January 2018 systemwide toll increase at these test locations. To calculate the cost of your trip after April 29, 2018, please go to

How it works

Sensors in the pavement will count the number of axles and overhead scanners will measure the height for every vehicle. The classification process is virtually invisible. Customers will continue to enter and exit our system at the same locations for these test sites. Motorists will continue to follow the posted speed limit and all safety and directional signs.

Clarks Summit/Keyser Avenue

Clarks Summit Keyser Ave Rendering AET in place

Findlay Connector

Findlay Connector Rendering AET at highway speed

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